Photography and China
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Photography and China


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語言 : 繁體中文
作者 : Claire Roberts
出版社 : 香港大學出版社
出版日/上市日 : 2012/12/07
ISBN : 9789888139880

Covering the period from the inception of photography to the present day, this is the first comprehensive account of photography in China to be published in English, illuminating in detail this previously neglected subject. Bringing together material held in museums, archives and private collections all over the world, Photography and China explores the long tradition of Chinese art and visual culture into which photography was initially absorbed and which it went on to expand in new directions.

Locating these images within their particular social and temporal contexts, Claire Roberts describes the varied purposes with which photographers in China created their work, which included the commercial, political, artistic and journalistic. The book places emphasis on the practitioners themselves and the images they created, which cover an astonishing array of subjects, from landscapes and rural scenes to propaganda and the documentation of social upheavals, and from the earliest self-portraiture to radical contemporary art practices.

This rich and evocative volume gathers over 130 images, many unfamiliar, to chronicle photography’s relationship to this complex country, underlining the medium’s status as both witness to and agent of historical change. 作者簡介

Claire Roberts is a scholar and curator of Asian art. She is Senior Lecturer in Art History at the University of Adelaide and has held fellowships at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution. Formerly Senior Curator of Asian Arts and Design at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, she has curated exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Queensland Art Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery of Australia and the Beijing World Art Museum at the China Millennium Monument. She has published widely on Chinese visual culture, including Friendship in Art: Fou Lei and Huang Binhong (2010) and Go Figure! Contemporary Chinese Portraiture (2012, as editor).

Photography and China

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